Collective behaviours and sport performance analysis 12th-16th November 2018


University of Rouen Normandy - Sheffield Hallam University

UFR STAPS ( Sciences and Techniques - Physical and Sports Activity) and La DRIC
(The Direction of the International Relations and Cooperation Office) are organizing a winterschool.
Collective behaviours ans sports performance analysis
12th - 16th November 2018

The objectives of this winter school program are to acquire:

- Skills in collecting multi-sourcing data like kinematics (from accelerometer ans GPS),
physiological data (heart rate), phychological data (anxiety state).
- Skills in data visualization and signal processing in order to intertwine data of various nature.
- Skills in determining dependant variables to assess individual ans collective behaviours, and network interactions in order to analyse sport performance outcome accordant to the task goal.
Only 15 places available!!!
Registration deadline: 5th October 2018
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